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From the Creators of
Body Builder
this New Amazing


An ALL NATURAL product that works in fighting Equine EPM.

EPMX, boost the immune system NATURALLY, while having naturally occurring anti-parasitic action and anti-protozoal properties.

Equiade, Inc. is one of the first companies in the horse industry to sell equine supplement products, and has a long tradition of developing horse supplements for the thoroughbred horse industry.

Our horse supplement company was founded by a pharmacist and horseman, Arnold Epstein. Later the company was taken over by Dr. Ernest Pecoraro when Mr. Epstein retired. Equiade created, manufactures, and sells the number one horse supplement for increasing lean muscle mass in the world: Body Builder.

In addition, Equiade has also developed the most effective extra strength horse supplement for joints called Lube All Plus.

Overdrive Plus is a leading pre supplement for horses that helps supercharge their performance.

Equiade, Inc. continues to be the industry leader in creating and developing new horse supplements.

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Body Builder™*

Body Builder is a natural dietary supplement.

The use of herbal extracts to enhance athletic performance has been studied and practiced for literally thousands of years.

Rice Bran Oil* and Rice Bran Oil Extract contain the natural compound rice bran oil extract.

Body Builder is a unique specially formulated emulsified liquid concentrate, which means that the absorption of the compound is greatly enhanced and effective.

One Bottle. One horse. Two Months.


A dietary supplement. “LUBE-ALL-PLUS” contains Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid) know by many as simply H.A.

Until recently it was only available by injection.

“LUBE-ALL-PLUS” contains sodium hyaluronate plus MSM, glucosomine and chondroitin sulfate. New improved taste!

See the Effectiveness of Our Product
Lube All Plus in Action!


New Air Blast provides the highest quality herbal support for normal respiratory function and health in performance horses subjected to cold conditions, dust, pollen and other environmental factors that can hinder air intake and performance.

All New Air Blast from Equiade, Inc. is a new powerful herbal liquid supplement designed to provide support for:

  • Energy and endurance
  • Respiratory function and health
  • Bronchodialation
  • Excess mucus buildup

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Overdrive™ Plus
for horses

For Pre-Performance and Competitive Horses. OVERDRIVE has been around for over ten years. We have taken our unique formula, which has been used successfully by some of the best trainers over the years, and have brought it “up a notch” to an even higher level of effectiveness!

JUG Sports Drink™
for horses

Combats muscle fatigue and loss of energy caused by dehydration.

JUG - lets your horse BEAT THE HEAT!

for horses

Extracted from the rind of citrus fruits. Used to help with bleeders. Our Hesperidin is the highest percentage Hesperidin on the market – producing the best results.


*We have found it very important to use only the best Rice Bran Oil extract from a special source, as it has proven to be many times more effective. Although this form of Rice Bran Oil extract costs us much more to acquire than any other on the market, it has shown a long history of success and satisfied customers. Results are important, as proven over 20 years.

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