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Horse & Dog Joint Supplement- Lube All

Many horse owners and dog owners have used a horse joint supplement or a dog joint supplement to care for their animal when joint pain or other joint problems occur. It is essential to use a horse joint supplement and dog joint supplement to aid in healing damaged joints or even more important to help support healthy joints to prevent injury.

The structures and soft tissue of the joints in dogs and horses are subject to injury and stress and can lead to horse and dog joint pain. Each joint is a capsule of soft tissue containing muscle and ligaments. These muscles and ligaments form a protective capsule between the two bones that form the joints. Fluid is contained inside the capsule and lubricates the joint structures. Damage from injury or normal wear and tear on the joints occurs in the muscles, ligamentous structure and to the fluid producing cells of the joints.

Equiade Inc. has developed an extra- strength horse and dog joint supplement for dog joint pain and horse joint pain. Lube All Plus is a special blend of four ingredients that have found to be essential in joint health. MSM is a compound which helps in healing and deceasing inflammation of soft tissues. Glucosamine has been shown in studies to nourish the joint structures and stimulate joint cell growth.

Chondroitin is another substance that has been found to stimulate the production of new cells called chondrocytes which are the cells which form cartilage that lines the end of the bone in the joint. The cartilage is worn by wear and tear and injury and cause very painful dog joint pain and horse joint pain. Chondroitin helps to heal this. Hyaluronic acid is the fluid contained in the joint space between the bones which bathes and nourishes the joint tissue cells. Lube All Plus is an Extra Strength combination of these substances which has been raved about by horse and dog owners throughout the world (click here to see Equiade’s miracle Lube All video! ).

Dog joint pain and horse joint pain are a painful experience for your animal. Equiade Florida’s exclusive Lube All Plus can help alleviate joint conditions that prevent proper exercise, comfort and health for your animals.

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