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About the ingredients of Overdrive Plus
Rice Bran Oil & Extract rice bran oil extract
LUBE-ALL™ (Sodium Hyaluronate)
LUBE-ALL Plus™ (Sodium Hyaluronate)

Herbal Products for Athletic Performance

The use of herbal supplements, vitamins and extracts to support athletic performance has been evaluated and practiced for literally thousands of years. The active components of several botanical products have shown promise in healthy development of lean tissue growth. The athlete's primary purpose when first undergoing a strength-training program is to gain weight, in the form of additional muscle; and therefore strength increases as well.

When ingested, these compounds are supplements for the creation of other molecules important for proper body functions.

The reason plant sterols such as Rice Bran Oil & Extract rice bran oil extract achieve muscular gains is due to the higher concentrations of these supplements being ingested than is normally taken through the diet.

Oral administration of these concentrated sources of naturally occurring plant sterols helps build muscle in the hard-training athlete. By consuming an emulsified liquid concentrate, the surface area increased and absorption is greatly enhanced.

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Ingredients of Overdrive Plus
A 2-day, 2-dose liquid performance enhancer.

A natural equine health supplement for performance and competitive horses. OVERDRIVE™ has been around for over ten years. We have taken our unique formula, which has been used successfully by some of the best trainers over the years, and have brought it “up a notch” to an even higher level of effectiveness!

(All of the ingredients of this supplement are found in their natural state in the body)


L-Carnitine is an important ingredient for heart and muscle function. This protein supplement is also responsible for neurotransmitter production. It is necessary for fatty acid metabolism and energy production in cardiac and skeletal muscle.  L-Carnitine also increases maximal oxygen consumption. Levels of L-carnitine in the body determine fatty acid oxidation, and thus, metabolic rate in the body. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn throughout the day. This natural health product also allows muscles to become more resistant to fatigue. Taken along with Co-Q-10, L-carnitine will significantly strengthen your heart muscle.


The CoQ10 supplement is found in every cell in the human body, and is critical in energy production. The coenzyme possesses antioxidant and membrane-stabilizing properties, making it essential to the health of cells, tissues, and organs. CoQ10 exerts a sparing effect on vitamin E, helping maintain a healthy antioxidant state. Supplementing CoQ10 increases energy production.


Choline is an essential nutrient that is necessary for the structure and function of all cells and is crucial for sustaining life. This supplement is responsible for the formation of several important compounds necessary for healthy cell membranes and to ensure healthy cell structure and function. Choline is an important building block in creating the chemical that signals the muscles to fire more efficiently. Despite the fact that humans can synthesize it in small amounts. Choline is also a precursor to acetylcholine, one of the most important brain chemicals involved in memory. Acetylcholine stimulates neurotransmitters to act on muscles, transmitting nerve impulses, an essential process for energy utilization.


Creatine is a supplement made from amino acids. Our body produces about one gram each day in the liver, pancreas, and kidneys.

What does creatine do in the cell? Creatine stores energy. Some of the creatine forms creatine phosphate, an energy source for nerve cells. When you take extra creatine, more energy is available for immediate energy needs.

How does creatine help an athlete? Creatine allows the muscles to store more energy. Athletes report gains in strength, faster recovery after workouts, and increased endurance.

Is creatine a steroid? Creatine is not a steroid.

Will creatine mess up my hormones? No, creatine is not a hormone.

Creatine supplementation improves endurance (expressed by the individual lactate threshold) and anaerobic performance.

Does Creatine affect strength and speed in athletes? The addition of creatine to the glucose/taurine/electrolyte supplement promoted greater gains in fat/bone-free mass, isotonic lifting volume, and sprint performance during intense resistance/agility training.

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rice bran oil extract* in Body Builder

Body Builder™ consists of Rice Bran Oil and Rice Bran Extract containing rice bran oil extract which was one of the first plant sterols to be studied for its muscle building effect. It was discovered that this constituent of rice bran oil contributes to overall health & development.

That is, less enery intake was required by the Oryzanol group for the same weight gain as a control group. Due to its poor absorption rate when consumed naturally, Rice Bran Oil & Extract rice bran oil extract should be taken in a concentrated liquid form.

Also, recent research strongly suggests that the Ferulic Acid portion of the Rice Bran Oil & Extract rice bran oil extract structure in rice bran oil is responsible for the muscle building activity.


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Anti stress effects, although not rigorously proven, were seen at both relatively low and high doses of Rice Bran Oil & Extract rice bran oil extract (10-300mg per day) in clinical trials. Since the mechanism is delivery of ferulic acid to the brain, it can be theorized that small amounts of ferulic acid should be equally or more effective than rice bran oil extract. For purposes of producing peak blood levels of ferulic acid, it is not clear whether Rice Bran Oil & Extract rice bran oil extract should be taken with meals or on an empty stomach.


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Lube-All™ (Sodium Hyaluronate): A Natural High Viscosity Glycosaminoglycan

Most horse owners and veterinarians are familiar with sodium hyaluronate. Back in the 1930's Karl Meyer isolated a glycosaminoglycan from the vitreous humor of bovine eyes. It was named hyaluronic acid "HA". Later research revealed that it was part of a group of biologically active macromolecules known as GAG's. These GAG's are present in the matrix of every living cell and help serve the important function of keeping tissue hydrated. Veterinary science later revealed that they provided the lubrication for joints, and products were developed using sodium hyaluronate to re-hydrate joints that became dry due to prolonged and severe athletic stress. To ease this stress, the injection of sodium hyaluronate into the joints became a popular procedure. However, due to its relatively high molecular weight, injection was the only method of administration. Later the material was patented, became available by prescription only and required the services of a veterinarian. While it was rightly recognized as the therapy of choice, it was also quite expensive and involved some risk.

Recent scientific advances have allowed for the oral use of sodium hyaluronate.

Previously, due to its high molecular weight, sodium hyaluronate was not suitable for absorption through the digestive system. With the aid of sophisticated enzyme techniques, smaller molecular weight polymers that could be absorbed through the digestive tract have now been developed.

LUBE-ALL™ uses these newer low molecular weight polymers.

Sodium Hyaluronate is particularly useful in re-hydrating joints that have been subjected to severe stress.

Through oral use, the possibility of joint inflammation as a result of injection has been eliminated.

LUBE-ALL™ (sodium hyaluronate) helps to hydrate and lubricate synovial membranes. Since it is a component part of every living tissue, it serves to maintain the vitality of all tissue.

LUBE-ALL™ has been formulated with potency overages so as to insure extended shelf life integrity.

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LUBE-ALL PLUS™ (Sodium Hyaluronate or HA)

A dietary supplement. Until recently it was only available by injection. With a recent technological breakthrough, H.A. is now available in ORAL form for both dogs and horses. LUBE-ALL PLUS contains sodium hyaluronate plus MSM, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate for the most difficult cases. Ingredients: Lube All contains 100mg of Hyaluronic Acid ( Sodium Hyaluronate). Lube All Plus contains 100mg of Hyaluronic Acid plus 4000mg of MSM, Glucosamine 2500mg, Chondrotin 400mg.

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